The Last Flight A Novel By Gregory P. Liefer
Set against the harsh beauty of Alaska, a veteran helicopter pilot is torn between ending his own embattled life and rescuing survivors from a mountain plane crash.

Last Flight is the heroic story of Gil Connor, a senior Army helicopter pilot and aging Vietnam vet, as he struggles with an impending terminal illness and the desire to pull off one last daring rescue. Connor finds himself in a constant battle against his internal demons during his quest to reach the survivors of a remote, civilian commuter-plane crash deep in the Alaskan mountains—a rescue that perhaps only he can pull off.

The stranded plane’s captain, Scott Sanders, takes charge after the crash, in spite of his injuries and the realization that his dream of flying for a major airline is destroyed. One of the passengers, a retired school teacher, assists him while barely holding herself together; her husband was killed in a fiery plane crash years before. They soon realize that time is not on their side in the Alaskan polar climate.

Connor, who’s haunted by the horrors of war and a turbulent past, is torn between ending his life before the inevitable and saving the marooned crash victims before it’s too late. His underlying intentions are unknown, even to himself, until the very end. Aided by an untested protégée and a mysterious young girl found at the crash site, Connor struggles in a desperate gamble to achieve the near impossible. Amid the turmoil of an approaching storm and almost certain failure, his flying skills and drive for redemption are the only hopes that remain.

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TitleThe Last Flight
SubtitleA Novel
AuthorBy Gregory P. Liefer
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintYucca Publishing
Published19 April 2016
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.
“An uplifting—if painful—insight into the human condition . . . The Last Flight is one you’ll want to lend to friends and keep on your shelf as a reminder of what a good book has to offer.” –Carl Douglass, author of All in Jest and Last Phoenix

“A compelling and thrilling story of remote rescue and a vivid portrayal of the courage and skill needed to pilot helicopters in extreme conditions. . . . Alaska is pictured so well, I felt the north wind making my teeth chatter while I read.” –Ron Lealos, author of Pashtun and Don't Mean Nuthin'
ISBNs: 9781631580970 978-1-63158-097-0 Title: the last flight category:FIC ISBNs: 9781631580970 978-1-63158-097-0 Title: last flight category:FIC ISBNs: 9781631580987 978-1-63158-098-7 Title: the last flight category:FIC 
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